Welcome To Bafo – Oktoberfest!

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Dear beginners and oldies,

Welcome to Bafo and a new season of samba, dance, drumming and parties!

We have a weird tradition, we hope you want to become a part of – and nothing says samba more than a good old German Oktoberfest with lots of beer! 😀

So let’s go for an early dinner together at Halifax in Amager Centret and then bring our German butts a few metro stops away to the craziest Oktoberfest in Copenhagen. Costume is optional but definitely encouraged.

Later we will probably continue the party somewhere in the city as always!

It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know everybody, so we hope to see all of you wonderful beginners and oldies there! ☺


Note: the party is for free, but we have to pay for dinner and drinks ourselves.


Saturday, September 22 at 5 PM
Halifax Amager Centret + Femøren Amager Strand